Software / Apps

JTM-1090 AcuStitch Ver.2.20 JTM-1087 AcuStitch Ver.2.10 (Digital Rular Work) JTM-1059 AcuStitch JTM-1040/1042/1050/1052 AcuSketch Ver.2.31 JTM-1038 AcuStitchTool

For Overlockers / CoverPro Models

JTM-1089 CoverPro Bonus Pack 2 JTM-1078 Bias Tape Guide and Belt Loop Folder JTM-1068 Extra Wide Table JTM-1049 "Tape Binder and Binder Foot with Guide" and "Tape Stand" JTM-1013 Professional overlock accessory blister packs

For Sewing Machines

JTM-1104 Spool Stand for Oscillating Hook Models JTM-1103 Professional Grade Needle plate HP and Professional Grade foot HP for CONTINENTAL series JTM-1102 Professional Grade Needle plate HP and Professional Grade foot HP JTM-1100 9-Hole Cording Foot JTM-1098 Tricot Foot JTM-1093 Piping Foot (narrow)  for 7mm/5mm max. stitch width models JTM-1092 Bi-Level Foot for 7mm max. stitch width models JTM-1086 Cutwork Embroidery Designs JTM-1083 Fashion and Finishing Accessory Kit JTM-1082 CONCEAL® Zipper Foot JTM-1074 Lap-Seam Foot for 9mm max. stitch width models JTM-1073 Piping Foot (narrow) for 9mm max. stitch width models JTM-1072 Bi-Level Foot for 9mm max. stitch width models JTM-1066 New ¼”RULER FOOT JTM-1057 Free Motion Frame Quilting Foot JTM-1054 HD Roller Foot JTM-1053 AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot JTM-1041 Embroidery Couching Foot Set (PC-A/PC-B) JTM-1037 Professional Grade Foot (HP) and Professional Grade Needle Plate (HP) JTM-1036 Darning Foot (Open-toe) (PD-H) JTM-1035 ¼”Seam Foot (without guide) (O) JTM-1034 Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot (QZ) JTM-1033 Ruler Work Foot (QR) JTM-1032 Quilt Maker Accessory Upgrade Kit JTM-1031 Anti-Slip Tape for Embroidery Hoop JTM-1030 Flower Stitch Attachment JTM-1029 Essential Hoop (RE18) for MC15000 JTM-1028 Clear View 1/4” Seam Foot Compatible with Straight Stitch Needle Plate (Center needle drop position only) for 9mm max. stitch width machines JTM-1027 Quilt Binder Set for 9 mm max. stitch width machines (Easy Set Bobbin compatible) JTM-1026 Spool Holder (Special) for Horizontal Spool Stand JTM-1025 Sliding Guide Foot for 7mm max. stitch width machines JTM-1015 Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set JTM-1014 Convertible Even Feed Foot Set JTM-1009 Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set JTM-1007 Border Guide Foot JTM-1006 Ribbon Sewing Guide JTM-1004 MB-4 accessory: Monogram Hoops and Adaptor JTM-1003 MB-4 accessory: Hoop kit for Socks and Wrist bands JTM-1002 Bobbin Holder for free quilting and hand-look quilt stitch