Skyline S9 / atelier9 Version 2.10

Version: 2.10Release date: February 07, 2022

This update to V2.10 is only available for owners of SKYLINE S9/atelier 9
The program update contains an improvement and modifications:

What's new in Ver.2.10

  • Adds compatibility with HP needle plate
  • Resolves the minor issues from the previous version
Please review the following before downloading

It is very important that you read and understand the download and installation instructions before proceeding, otherwise the update may cause damage to the machine.
Please update both your SKYLINE S9/atelier 9 machine and Acutools S to the latest version and also make sure to use the latest versions of AcuEdit and AcuMonitor.
You need a formatted USB flash drive to update your SKYLINE S9/atelier 9.