Sewing machine user guide and tips App for CM7P

Available for Smart phones / Tablets
iOS 10.0 or later, Android 8.0 or later
*Multi-language version (incl. English, Spanish and French) available now!
Language settings can be adjusted through device settings (Settings -> General -> Language & Region).

AcuSpark is an app that explains how to use the sewing machine and provides useful tips.

Read the QR code displayed on the sewing machine screen with AcuSpark and all your questions will be answered.

AcuSpark can also be used without a sewing machine.

The app acts as a concierge, offering support and inspiring new ideas.

Reading QR codes (linking with sewing machine)

  • When the QR codes displayed on the sewing machine screen are read with AcuSpark, instructions and know-how related to the status of the sewing machine appear in the app.



  • Offers basic knowledge on how to use the sewing machine.
  • Step-by-step illustrative videos for learning special sewing methods are available.
  • Anyone of any generation can learn about sewing machine operation.

Other functions

  • Easy-to-understand instructions using videos with illustrations
  • Presser foot descriptions (including optional items)
  • Includes a stitch chart containing the sewing machine’s built-in stitches

Compatible with the following machine

  • Continental M7 Professional