App for accurate embroidery placement

Available for iPadOS 13.0 or later and Android OS 6.0 or later (Smartphone is not recommended.)
Language : The app is currently available only in English


The AcuSetter app allows you to adjust the position of designs using your iPad / Android tablet and Wireless LAN before embroidering. Even if the fabric shifts a little when it is inserted in the hoop, reinserting it isn’t necessary.

By taking a photo of the embroidery hoop with the fabric inserted in it, the design can be easily arranged while checking various fabric conditions (shifting of the fabric’s position, fabric patterns, embroidery already sewn, cross lines etc.).

AcuSetter is compatible with the following sewing machine models:

  • Memory Craft 15000 version 2.11 or later
  • HORIZON Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000
  • SKYLINE S9/atelier 9


  • iPad / Android tablet is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Sewing machine is connected to the same Wireless LAN access point as iPad / Android tablet
  • For iOS 14 or above, please allow the app access to find and connect to devices on your local network

Compatible embroidery hoops

  • RE46d / SQ28d / RE20d / SQ10d
  • SQ14 / SQ23 / GR / FA10 / RE18 / SQ14a / RE20a / FA10a

Link with Sewing Machine

  • After receiving embroidery designs from the sewing machine’s Ready to Sew mode, you can arrange the position of the designs.
  • By sending the arranged embroidery designs to the sewing machine, you can embroider wherever you want.

Other features

For iPadOS

By changing themes, you can switch to a screen display of your choice.