Artistic Digitizer Cutwork Embroidery Data Download for CONTINENTAL M17

Cutwork is a technique of embroidering fabric and cutting out the inside to create a lace pattern. 
Cutwork is used for bedding and other interior decorations, and for partial decorations such as blouses and dresses.
CM17 is available for Cutwork embroidery. This page explains how to send a cutwork design to CM17 via Artistic Digitizer Jr..
The Cutwork requires special tools such as dedicated cutwork needles and needle holders.
Please enjoy creating your own Cutwork artwork.

Sample of Cutwork Embroidery Data for Artistic Digitizer

  Artistic Digitizer Screen   cutwork design2cutwork design1cutwork design3cutwork design4

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Essential items for Cutwork

  • Cutwork Needle Set (#202-200-004)
cut work needle
  • Cutwork Needle Holder(#862-402-301)
needle holder

Detail of items

Please Download Cutwork Design


Preparation for Cutwork Embroidery

Cutwork Manuals for English

Cutwork Manual for French

Cutwork Manuals for Spanish

Cutwork Manuals for German

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