JANOME Corporation and its subsidiary and affiliated group companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") are involved in the handling of personal data of users who use the services of the Group (including those who browse the website of the Group). The Group will comply with laws and regulations and use this data appropriately in relation to the business content of the Group.

1. Personal Data acquired

The Group may acquire personal data such as the name, address, telephone number, email address, purchase and transaction history, IP address, and cookie information of users who use the services of the Group.

2. Cookies

The Group may use cookies to provide information that is valuable and easy for users to use. If you do not want to obtain cookie information, you can block cookie information through your internet browsing software settings (browser).

3. Purpose of use of personal data and legal basis

The Group handles user's personal data on the basis of the user's consent to handle personal data, the fulfillment of contracts, or the pursuit of legitimate interests. The Group uses personal data for the purpose of providing guidance and contact regarding its services, grasping and analyzing purchase and usage status, and carrying out its business. In addition, the Group may provide personal data to each company of the Group to the extent necessary for this purpose of use.

4. Personal Data acquired

Providers of personal data protected by the GDPR and other related laws and regulations may withdraw their consent to the provision of personal data. They also have the right to access personal data, the right to correct, the right to delete, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, and the right to file complaints with regulatory agencies within the EEA. If you want to exercise these rights, please contact inquiry desk of the Group below.

  • The Information Desk Customer Service Office: support@gm.janome.co.jp

5. Notification of infringement of personal data

In the event of a personal data infringement such as improper disposal or a security breach that leads to unauthorized access, the Group will comply with the regulations stipulated in the GDPR, investigate the cause, and notify the supervisory authority with jurisdiction over the matter.

6. Security measures

When processing personal data, the Group will take appropriate measures to ensure appropriate security.

7. Retention period of personal data

The retention period of personal data is the statutory retention period of each country and Japan, and after the statutory retention period ends, personal data will be deleted promptly and safely unless necessary in connection with the purpose of contract processing or other processing.

8. General terms

The Group may change this privacy policy based on laws and regulations or the policies of the Group.